Award set up by the Foundation

The “Lebendige Stadt” Foundation presents a Foundation Award each year in recognition of innovative civic projects such as particularly outstanding cultural and civic marketing events, successful city displays comprising elements such as light, sound and water (as temporary or permanent installations), and projects in the field of building conservation and tourism, especially if these are of cultural or artistic value.

Foundation Award 2017

The Most Vibrant Twinning Partnership

The "Lebendige Stadt" Foundation calls on all towns and municipalities to enter for the 2017 Foundation Award.

Town twinning has long been an important means of promoting understanding between people from different countries and giving them the chance to get to know one another. Vibrant twinning relationships continue to be of major significance in the globalised and digitised world of the 21st century.

For this reason, the Foundation is seeking to identify twin town partnerships that are characterised by creativity, project diversity and intensive and fruitful exchange, promoting dialogue between people from difference places with different cultures, religions and political systems.


The Foundation aims to recognise and publicise exemplary twinning partnerships that other towns and municipalities can learn from. This is why the Foundation is looking for twin town relationships that have proven their value over time and that can demonstrate their vibrancy. The application must be submitted jointly by both twin towns, even if one the towns plays the primary role in the entry.


The award carries a total cash prize of 15,000 euros.
Entries were possible by March 31, 2017.