Once a year, the Foundation organises a symposium focusing on topical issues relating to the cities. Future issues, approaches to solving current problems, and the result of the surveys conducted by the Foundation are discussed by representatives from the worlds of culture, politics, business and society. These fruitful discussions are made available to a wide specialist readership through the “Lebendige Stadt” journal.

Round table

Once a year, the "Lebendige Stadt" Foundation invites municipal decision-makers, politicians, urban planners, entrepreneurs and administration experts to its "round table" event to discuss topical issues that are of relevance to the towns and cities. The events always take place at very special venues with high recognition value, such as the Zwinger palace in Dresden, the Marienplatz square in Munich, the Römerberg in Frankfurt or the Rhine bank in Cologne.

The "round table" focuses on the exchange of ideas and the development of possible solutions. The "round table" participants represent a wide range of differing opinions, thereby generating valuable stimuli for the future work of the Foundation.