'Lebendige Stadt' Foundation

Since the year 2000, the "Lebendige Stadt" Foundation has been successfully working for the future of our cities under the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Alexander Otto. The aim is to preserve the urban diversity of city centers as places where people work, as places where people have their home and as places of cultural activity. The work of the Foundation is focused on illumination concepts, green areas and the creation and design of urban spaces.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees decides on the ways in which the Foundation’s funds are utilised and monitors the work of the Executive Committee. It confirms changes on the Executive Committee and approves the budget.


Alexander Otto
CEO, ECE Group G.m.b.H. & Co. KG


Vize Chairman
Hildegard Müller
President VDA

Further members in alphabetical order:




Gunther Adler
Deputy Managing Director ZIA Germany, former State Secretary


Andreas Engelhardt
General partner Schüco International KG

Katharina Fegebank

Katharina Fegebank
Second Mayor of Hamburg


Daniel Günther
Prime Minister Schleswig-Holstein


Alfons Hörmann
President DOSB e.V. a.D.


Lutz Lienenkämper MdL
Minister of Finance, NRW, a.D.