'Lebendige Stadt' Foundation

Since the year 2000, the "Lebendige Stadt" Foundation has been successfully working for the future of our cities under the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Alexander Otto. The aim is to preserve the urban diversity of city centers as places where people work, as places where people have their home and as places of cultural activity. The work of the Foundation is focused on illumination concepts, green areas and the creation and design of urban spaces.

R20 - Regions of Climate Action

The foundation "Lebendige Stadt" and R20 - Regions of Climate action have been working in partnership since 2015 and in a close exchange of best practice projects.

The R20 is a not-for-profit organization started by Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2010, whose mission is to support sub-national and national governments in the identification, preparation and financing of bankable energy projects and other green infrastructure projects (waste, water, transport, etc.).


The R20 is different for its neutral not-for-profit status, allowing it to work without conflict of interest with sub-national and national governments, businesses and investors the full length of the project development value chain. In this way the R20 harnesses resources and aligns interests towards the shared objective of realizing bankable projects.




The R20 is a global platform linking together governments, private companies and investors. The platform is also showcasing environmental “best practices” coming from bottom-up action to help regions around the world to replicate those success stories.


"Lebendige Stadt“ Foundation and R20 are aiming for a partnership and a close exchange of best practice projects. Therefore both partners signed a "Memorandum of Understanding" in September 2015 in Berlin.