Following an evaluation of its activities to date, the Foundation is committed to bringing a sharper focus to its support and promotion activities in public urban spaces. These activities can be assigned to the individual core themes of the Foundation – light, green or developed space - or simultaneously to more than one of these themes.

Winterlich(t)es Neustadt

winter lighting system during the darker months of the year

Winterlich(t)es Neustadt

The 750 year-old town of Neustadt in the region of Holstein wanted to replace the conventional Christmas illumination scheme with a tailored winter lighting system that would raise the profile and increase the attractiveness of public urban spaces, above all during the darker months of the year.


An artistic illumination concept was drawn up for the town center in cooperation with light artist Michael Batz, who is also a member of the Executive Committee of the "Lebendige Stadt" Foundation, and with the support of the Foundation. Schleswig-Holstein's second-biggest marketplace, the streets in the Old Town quarter leading to it and the "Hafenbrücke" harbor bridge as the gateway to the Old Town quarter are all tastefully showcased by the new lighting scheme.


The new illumination concept will not only make the town center more attractive but will also result in energy savings of up to 40 percent and will pay dividends in both financial and ecological terms.