Award set up by the Foundation

The “Lebendige Stadt” Foundation presents a Foundation Award each year in recognition of innovative civic projects such as particularly outstanding cultural and civic marketing events, successful city displays comprising elements such as light, sound and water (as temporary or permanent installations), and projects in the field of building conservation and tourism, especially if these are of cultural or artistic value.

Foundation Award 2019

The "Lebendige Stadt" Foundation calls on towns and municipalities to enter for the 2019 Foundation Award for "The Best Municipal Swimming Pool".

Call to enter for the 2019 Foundation Award

„The Best Municipal Swimming Pool“


The "Lebendige Stadt" Foundation calls on towns and municipalities to enter for the 2019 Foundation Award. Swimming pools have always played an important role in health, fitness and recreation. And their contribution to the preservation of life should never be underestimated, as swimming pools are where the very youngest among us learn to swim. This is an area in which sports clubs perform an essential function.


The award is open to swimming pools that are already in operation, that make an important contribution to a sense of community and improving health, that are economically and ecologically sustainable, and that take account of changes in society. We are looking for indoor and combination pools. The swimming pools should enhance the quality of life in the municipality in exemplary fashion and should offer facilities and courses for all social groups – ideally with the support of sports clubs.


The Foundation is looking for best practice projects that can serve as models for other towns and municipalities This is why particular importance is attached to inventive, long-term and cost-efficient solutions. The German Olympic Sports Federation (DOSB) is the cooperation partner for this year’s Foundation Award.


The award carries a total cash prize of 15,000 euros. The presentation ceremony will take place on September 17, 2019 at the Vonovia Ruhrstadion stadium in Bochum.


Send us your completed application form by April 5, 2019 to: